Flaming Squirrel (arias_natina) wrote in baronvonbismark,
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Can I have your attention please?

My hands hurt! cracker anyone? polly? he don't need no more crackers, I already stuffed him till he popped... Damnit, wher'd all these feathers come from? Did I black out again? wow kittie, what did you eat that made you so fat? hmmm, what's this in muh freezer? oh, they're mine...hmm, I need to stop gettin so drunk....erm, where's my car keys? why is my car in the pool? goodness, my boyfriend is stuck on the roof. what next? is my boss gonna be "hiding" in the dumpster? oh, wow, why did I look? ooh! pictures! *wretch* Fuck, I'm outta here! hmm, new clothes, these are severely soiled. I'm so getting arrested at walmart, may as well be drunk again!

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