Flaming Squirrel (arias_natina) wrote in baronvonbismark,
Flaming Squirrel

what would you say?

Kayla: ha! beef!
Kayla: and beer?
john : ??
Kayla: a beer bath?
john : ....
Kayla: gah! runs around in cirlces silently screaming
Kayla: my head fell off, my head fellll offfffff
Kayla: lmao
john : *blinks and sits down*
Kayla: i swear, i made a man of clay, and his head fell off
Kayla: "its my head" i told him...
Kayla: he claimed otherwise and then knocked it off....
Kayla: "on purpose' i said
Kayla: he claims otherwise
john : ...
Kayla: "what the fuck" i said
john : Megan....are you ok?
Kayla: "its mine its mine its mine!" he said
Kayla: i claimed otherwise
john : yea
john : ok
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